Toronto Eagles Hockey Club

Providing an environment and opportunity for all to participate in hockey

The Eagles Nest

Lambton Arena

Lambton Park

4100 Dundas St. W.

York , ON M6S 2T7


Nestled in a valley along the Humber River, began a community named after John "Josh" Warren.  Mr. Warren served as a Trustee for the York Township Board of Education starting in 1926.  The community consisted of a small circle of homes and much farmland.

In early 1950's came progress.  The birth of Warren Park Minor Sports Association in 1955 consisted of baseball, basketball, volleyball, and hockey teams.  At the top of the hill in Lambton Park, the community built an outdoor rink for hockey. Through the evolution of house league to competitive hockey, Warren Park became known all over the City of Toronto in the M.T.H.L.

As the city expanded and the M.T.H.L. organization became the G.T.H.L., so did Warren Park hockey evolve into a highly competitive and separate entity as the Warren Park Eagles, then eventually changing to the Toronto Eagles Hockey Club.

The club's mission is to provide an environment and opportunity for participation in hockey; to teach players the value of respect, discipline, sportsmanship, commitment, responsibility and teamwork; and to promote and perpetuate the game of hockey.

The club has teams participating in the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) at both the 'A' and 'AA' levels.

The club is directed by its Executives, compromised of the President, General Manager, and its directors.

Toronto Eagles Hockey Executive

President Jim Cheung
Fax: 905-855-7385
General Manager Ernie Lopez 416-244-5245

The General Manager is responsible for the day to day hockey operations of the club and its teams and all other matters in any way relating to the GTHL.

All members of the executive receive no remuneration for acting as such other than their legitimate expenses incurred in the fulfillment of their duties.

We look forward to seeing you at the rink. We want our players to look forward to going to the rink. We want our coaches to help every player improve during the season. We want our parents to get involved as their son or daughter learns about this great Canadian game. We want you to enjoy the time you spend with the Toronto Eagles.  

Rules of Operation

The Toronto Eagles Hockey Club is pleased to offer our Rules of Operation for the purpose of informing all our parents, players, and coaches.