Go Eagles Go!

Who we are…

The Toronto Eagles Hockey Club (formerly Warren Park Eagles Hockey Club) was founded in 1955, and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

The club’s mission is to provide an environment and opportunity for participation in hockey; to teach players the value of respect, discipline, sportsmanship, commitment, responsibility and teamwork; and to promote and perpetuate the game of hockey.



Where we are…

The Eagles Nest is situated in Lambton Arena located in Lambton Park, 4100 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON M6S 2T7


How to Reach Us…

If you want to coach a team or want to find a team for your child to play on, contact Ernie Lopez, General Manager, at [email protected]




These Rules are intended to set out the current policies of the Club which will be applicable to the Teams and its players during this period. While they are intended to be comprehensive, the Rules and policies are not exhaustive and the Club reserves the right, in its discretion, to make changes and additions from time to time as its deems appropriate. Notice of any changes and / or additions will be given to Team Officials and, when appropriate, directly to parents / guardians on a timely basis.




Toronto Eagles Hockey Club (“Club”) was incorporated as a non-share capital corporation by Letters Patent issued by the Province of Ontario on January 12, 2005 and operates as a Non-Profit Organization under the guideline of its By-Laws, Rules of Operation and the rules of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (“GTHL”)

Mission Statement

  • To provide an environment and opportunity for participation in hockey.
  • To teach players the value of respect, discipline, sportsmanship, commitment, responsibility and teamwork.
  •  To promote and perpetuate the game of hockey.


The Club is directed by its Executives, composed of the President, General Manager and two Directors. 

The General Manager is responsible for administering the day-to-day hockey operation of the Club and its Teams and all other matters in any way relating to the GTHL, its members, other hockey organizations and governing bodies. 

All members of the executive shall receive no remuneration for acting as such other than their legitimate expenses incurred in the fulfillment of their duties.

The Club, unless otherwise, decided by the Club’s Executive or the GTHL will be hosting 15 competitive teams in the “AA” and “A” division of the GTHL. For 2023 – 2024 “A” and “AA” divisions, teams will include: Under 10 "A" and "AA" (birth year 2014). Under 11 "AA" (Birth year 2013). Under 12 "AA" (Birth year 2012) Under 13 "A" and "AA (Birth year 2011). Under 14 "A" and "AA" (Birth year 2010). Under 15 "A" and "AA" (Birth year 2009). Under 16 "A" (Birth year 2008) Under 17 "A" and "AA" (Birth year 2007) Under 18 "A" and "AA" (Birth year 2006). 

Under no circumstances will the Club be responsible for any obligations, financial or otherwise, incurred by a Team, unless such obligation is approved in writing and contained in a document signed by the President and at least one other authorized signing officer of the Club. 

The Club’s responsibilities 

Subject to the overriding authority of the GTHL, the Club has exclusive control over its Teams and players registered with the organization for all periods sanctioned or mandated by the GTHL. In addition to the foregoing and to the other rights reserved below, the Club shall have primary responsibility for the following:

                  (a) Team Officials. The Club appoints and, if necessary, replaces the Head Coach of each Team and approves the selection of other Team Officials. The Club monitors and evaluates the performance of all Team Officials.                

                  (b) GTHL Registration. The Club registers its players and Team Officials with the GTHL.  

                  (c) Tournaments. The Club submits tournament applications to the GTHL for approvals and processes.  

                  (d) Practice Ice. The Club provides each team with 1 hours of practice each week on a regularly

scheduled basis. Any additional practice ice required is to be arranged by the Team at its own cost. 

                  (e) Equipment, Gear and Clothing. The Club provides each team with Club mandated equipment,

gear and clothing including sweaters, practice jerseys, socks, and equipment bags. The Club must approve all sponsorship cresting prior to placement. 

                  (f) Disciplinary Hearings. The Club’s Officials accompany the Team Officials and player(s) to any disciplinary hearing mandated by the GTHL. The Club reserves the right to exclude any person(s) from a disciplinary hearing as it considers appropriate in its absolute discretion.  

                  (g) Club name and logo. The Club approves all uses of its name and, where the Club owns its logo, authorizing its use on materials, equipment, gear, and clothing.

 Registration Fees

Registration Fee for the 2023 – 2024season is $ 1,450.00 for all players including goalies.

50% due on signing and balance paid by season opening.

Sibling discount: $100.00 off each registration with a minimum of two players within the Toronto Eagles organization in the same season. 


Registration fees covers:

GTHL Team Registration Fees and Player’s Insurance

  • One hour practice ice per week
  • Equipment provided: one equipment bag, practice sweater, one game jerseys and home/away game socks
  • 50% of Referee fees and Timekeeper fees
  • The Club will provide one set of new sweaters each year, the second set will be the responsibility of the team or each individual player.
  • Year-End Presentation: Players and coaches are free, all other attendees pay entrance fee April 17, 2024. Team and Individual picture plaque will be presented.
  • Red helmet, pant and gloves are the responsibility of the player.  

Silent Auction – Dinner – Dance

November 10, 2023 Toronto Eagles hosts their annual Silent Auction allowing each team to generate funds. The registration fee covers two tickets to this event. Additional family/friends can purchase tickets through team Manager at $100.00 each. 

Team Year Book Sponsorship Fees

Team Year Book sponsorship fee for 2023 – 2024 is $ 750.00 per team. This covers each team proportionate share of the Year Book expenses.

Teams may solicit advertisement for one page in the Yearbook to recover their share of contribution, any amount raised stays with the team.  

Summary of Financial Statement

Summary of financial statements are filed with GTHL at the conclusion of the financial year end.


Team Official

Defined as GTHL carded Team member. All teams must consist of: Head Coach; Trainer; Manager; Team Safety Rep. Optional Assistant Coach(s). Per GTHL rules and regulations a maximum of five staff are allowed on Bench.

The club appoints and, if necessary, replaces the Head Coach of each Team and approves the selection of other Team Officials.

It is the responsibility of each Team Official to learn, understand and to follow the Club policies and procedures, as well as promote and communicate the Club philosophy to their players and parents. Successfully complete Respect in Sports as ACTIVITY LEADER.

And hold a current Clearance for Background check and submit to the General Manager. * Mandatory Police Check Included in the above fee. Must complete all criteria and certificates mandatory from GTHL and Hockey Canada. 

All Team Officials are considered representatives of the Club and as such are expected to set a positive example both on and off the ice.

The Club will communicate its business directly to the Head Coach and Team Manager only.

Restriction on Team Officials Changing Clubs

It is the intention of the Club to uphold GTHL regulation 6.15, specifically, that no carded official will be granted his/her release to be registered or to appear on the bench of another GTHL club at the immediate or higher age division, during the current or following season.

Payments to Team Officials

All members or Team Officials shall receive no remuneration from the Club, for acting as such, other than their legitimate expenses incurred in the fulfillment of their duties. If any team official receives payment for his or her services from any other source, they are required to make a full disclosure to the Club and their team. 

Team Bank Account 

The Club will require each Team to establish a Team Account as per GTHL Rules 5.11 (e) and (f).  

Each Team shall maintain a bank Account under the Team name (Birth Year). 

There shall be three signing authorities for each Team’s bank account, including at least one Team Official and at least two parents, who are unrelated to and independent from any Team Official. 

All cheques and withdrawals from the Team account shall require that at least two signatures, including at least one of the parent representatives.  

Team Budgets 

Each team shall submit an estimated Team budget to the Club for approval. It must include:

  • Proposed Team revenues, including sources.
  • Proposed Team expenses, with reasonably detailed explanatory notes. 

If any Team Official(s) receives remuneration, the Team budget must also indicate:

  • Amounts of payments
  • Sources of funding from these payments
  • Basis of such payments 

The approved estimated team budget will be provided to each player and parent prior to player’s registration. 

Except for items that were clearly indicated as being reasonable estimates, and subject to finalization, no material adjustment shall be made to such budget or to the program described in such budget, without the prior concurrence of the Team Officials and a majority (75%) of the parents of players.


Team Financial Summaries 

Section 5.11 – GTHL Rules – Management of Team Finances.

The Team will provide interim financial updates on or about Sept. 30 and January 31, regarding the Team finances. A final year end statement of Team revenue and expenses within four weeks of the last Team event for such team. 

Use of Surplus Funds 

If there is a surplus of funds available to a Team at the close of the GTHL season, in any year, such surplus shall be used in such manner reasonably determined by the parents representing the majority (75%) of the players on the team.

If the Team fails to make such determination by April 30 of such year, the surplus funds shall be transferred to the Team for the following season upon registration and shall be used to offset that season’s expenses.

Team Rules

Individual Teams may have their own Team rules, provided they do not conflict nor override the Club Rules of Operation. These Team rules must be approved by the Club; reviewed and agreed with player and their parents prior to signing.

Rules regarding team fees, team meeting, ice time policy, dress code, player obligations, parent obligations, return after injury policy, player code of conduct, parent code of conduct and sanction for misconduct may be included. 

Refund Policy 

If registration fees, sponsorships and additional monies have been paid to the Club/Team and that player is released for any reason, any time up to and including midnight November 15th, that player shall receive a pro-rata rebate calculated as follows:

  • Administration charge of two hundred dollars ($200.00)
  • Charge of forty dollars ($40.00) for each game or practice or off-ice training session that the Team held from the day of registration to the day the release was granted.
  • The team will also charge the player his / her proportionate share of any and all activities and expenses incurred by the team that can be verified in the team budget presented at or around time of the initial registration, regardless of participation.
  • These charges will be deducted from total amount previously paid.
  • These calculations must be approved by the General Manager and both game jerseys must be returned before a cheque is released. 

If a player requests a release or chooses to leave the team for any reason, no refund of registration fee or sponsorship will be made. 

Dispute Resolution Policy 

Any compliant against the Club, Club policies or Team, Team rules and discrepancy over financial matters shall be heard within 15 days of receipt of the compliant in writing, by the Club’s General Manager and one or more directors. 

Permission to Skate  

Permission to skate for the OMHA or Alliance teams are provided at the discretion of the Head Coach and are only valid when signed by the Club’s General Manager.   

President: Jim Cheung                                                                   GM: Ernie Lopez

299 Old Mill Road, Suite 1609

Etobicoke, Ontario

M9C 4V9






Letter of Declaration

2023 – 2024 


Name of Player: ________________________________________________


Team: ________________________________________________________


I hereby declare that I have received & reviewed:


1)     Club Policy__________                                     

2)     Registration Fees Disclosure___________

3)     Team Rules___________

4)     Team Budget__________

5)     Consent to follow COVID-19 Public Health measures, when mandated by GTHL for advice, and restrictions_________

6)     Consent of pictures being posted on Eagles Website______


Name: _______________________ Signature: _______________________  


Relation to Player: _______________Date: __________________________

The above signed form copy/image to be given to Team Manager to forward to Club Registrar for rostering.



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